The Kendal Exchange (SWAP) Program

Terms of Participation

Monday, July 20, 2015

The ability to temporarily exchange residences by those living in the Kendal System has been an expressed desire for some time. The idea is to provide a way for a resident(s) living in one Kendal Community/location, to exchange residences with a resident(s) living in another Kendal Community/location on a short-term basis, allowing each to experience life in the other’s domicile. Initially, this Program will only be for use by residents living in a Kendal Affiliated Community or Service (e.g. Kendal at Home) within the Kendal System.

For this purpose, Kendal has developed a web-based portal that provides Kendal residents with a secure login, allowing them to offer the use of a residence in their own Kendal location for a mutually agreed upon time. Much like a bulletin board where people may be looking for or posting properties for rent, this program allows Kendal residents to identify and find one another for what will hopefully be a satisfactory, temporary “Swap” of living arrangements.

The key to success in this endeavor is to keep this program as simple as possible, with the participating residents bearing full responsibility for how the agreed upon exchange will work. Kendal’s role in this instance, then, is to provide the secure, online meeting place, where this exchange can take place.

Below are several guidelines that participants in the Kendal Exchange or SWAP program will understand and agree to in order to participate.

  1. PARTICIPATION: This program is only available to existing residents living in a Kendal Affiliated Community or Service;
  2. RESPONSIBLE PARTIES: Arrangements for the SWAP, including any applicable fees, will be handled exclusively by the residents engaging in this Program;
  3. LIABILITY: Each of the participating residents will bear the responsibility for any damages resulting from or during the visiting residents’ stay. Kendal Affiliate Communities accept no liability for any loss or damages;
  4. REQUIRED NOTIFICATION: Both of the participating residents must notify the administration of his or her Community with the following information:
    1. The name, address and contact information of the resident(s) who will be using their residence under this program;
    2. The dates of arrival and departure for the visiting resident(s);
    3. The name of the Kendal Community of the visiting resident(s);
    4. A simple form has been created for this purpose. Download Form

  5. MEALS: The participating resident(s), under this program, will be able to purchase meals, at the Community they are visiting, at the lowest rate offered.  The participants in this program will follow their respective Community policies regarding away meals during their absence from their home Community.  No “swapping” of meals is available due to the variables in Community fee structures;
  6. HOUSEKEEPING: Housekeeping of residences will occur as regularly scheduled by the home resident’s Community;
  7. ACTIVITIES: A visiting resident(s) will be entitled, and encouraged, to participate in all the activities of the community in the same way as residents who reside in that Community.
  8. EMERGENCY CARE: A visiting resident will be able to use the Community’s emergency response system or contact the Wellness Center/Clinic for a referral if in need of medical care.  The Community being visited will provide the following assistance:
    1. Respond to the emergency call and contact 911 if necessary.
    2. Direct the resident to appropriate healthcare providers in the area if appropriate (e.g., urgent care, physician practices, etc.)
    3. Notify the visiting resident’s home Kendal Community should the visiting resident be sent to the hospital.

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